The PUZZLE collection is a set of rectangular blocks so named for its fancied resemblance to the skeleton of a fish. This Design popular name with Herringbone. Puzzle is a weave like solid oak parquet blocks that helps to achieve a floor that will be remarked upon for years to come. Now the same parquetry is available in a laminate collection allowing you to have the look of wood with the ease of use of laminate flooring.


Puzzle – puzzle laminate is characterised by carefully selected, exquisite decors featuring a variety, of natural wood looks their elegant, evenly, embossed, surfaces with a matt shimmer and near – natural grain leave no doubt about this collection’s perfection and high quality. The zig-zag pattern panels make it easy for you to create elegant, generously dimensional rooms and evoke a unique feel – good ambience.

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Dimensions606 × 101 × 10 cm